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Mobile app


WHAT IS IT?  Bookish is a mobile app concept that helps book enthusiasts catalog and organize their home library. The app will easily allow cataloging by scanning barcodes or inputting ISBNs. It will suggest descriptive tags and allow the user to create custom tags so that they have total control over their organizing system. It allows the user to keep track of books they’ve loaned out to friends as well as tag books as library books with reminders of due dates. Bookish is also a social app for book lovers. It allows users to share their library collection list with friends as well as find recommendations for what to read next, book-related events and groups in the area, and follow favorite authors and publishing houses for new releases.


  1. Helps user catalog/organize their home library.

  2. Finds recommendations for what to read next, shares book lists with other users.

  3. Curates book-related articles, lifestyle pieces and fun lists and quizzes to populate the user’s feed based on their pre-selected opt-in interests.

  4. Finds book/literature-related events or groups/clubs nearby. Alerts user of book releases by followed authors/presses.

  5. Keeps track of books the user has loaned out to friends, or conversely, reminds user that their library books are due (or if they’ve hung on to a book they’ve borrowed from a friend too long)


SITEMAP: User flows charted for various options under add book functions


  1. BOOK ENTHUSIASTS – avid readers of any genre. Book enthusiasts are not only lovers of books. They are proud and promote their book-filled lifestyle. Even if they have digital readers, if they really love a book, they will go out of their way to buy a physical copy.

Ex. 1) Jane Johnson – 35 years old, New York, aspiring novelist. Works as a proofreader at an independent publishing house. Loves knitting and coffee and cats, and has an inordinate collection of bookends. 

Ex. 2) Independent book sellers – could build a “profile” to connect with local book lovers, could scan their selection and users can connect with them by virtually perusing their shelves.

  1. LIBRARIES – not necessarily for the cataloging function, but the app could link to their database and users could search for if the book is available at their local branch.

  2. COLLEGE STUDENTS – keeping track of who they loaned their required reading out to right before finals.


  1. Organize my home library.

  2. Create an app that is easy to use and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

  3. Build community of diverse book enthusiasts.

  4. Create revenue by curating a “book-lover lifestyle” via sponsorship or product tie ins in articles and pieces presented in feed.

  5. Eventually find a way to promote and help literacy and arts efforts in various low-income communities.

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