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Newsletter Rebrand Project

PROJECT CONTRIBUTIONS:  Concurrent with the relaunching of the UVA School of Education's website, my team set out to do a visual refresh of the school's monthly newsletter, EdLines. The rebranding would allow the newsletter to better align with the new website's visual aesthetics and also have a more robust and cohesive visual look to help the articles our team's writers produce shine. I participated in the redesign exercise by submitting wireframes, mockups, and recommended technical specifications for fonts, colors, photo treatments, and content block strategy. I also mocked up several versions of what the new masthead might look like using different fonts and treatments. After presenting the proposed materials to my team, and after incorporating feedback from team members on the various visual and technical elements, we implemented my proposed design refresh for EdLines beginning August 2022. I also now lead the technical execution for the monthly newsletter. This includes building the emails, list governance, technical project management, testing, accessibility checks and scheduling of sends.

(click to open pdf of full wireframes, mockups, and technical documentation)

A screenshot of an email newsletter
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