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UI / UX Design


Website concept


WHAT IS IT?  Service will be located in Charlottesville, VA. “Cville”
as locals call it is a college town. A pocket of urban, liberal, hippie, hipster, professional mix tucked away in the rolling foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Downtown Charlottesville is a (very) small area with a (tiny) pedestrian main thoroughfare. It’s a nice mix of trendy and southern with a pretty diverse community.


Delivery Radius – Downtown Cville to UVA grounds, cutoff up Rte. 29 after Rio Rd.


The focus will be the following target audiences:


  • College Students

  • Freelancers

  • Parents of young children


  • Gender – women and men, women perhaps slightly more than men

  • Education – highschool and up

  • Occupations – students, young professionals, young parents (both stay at home and working)

  • Age – 18-35ish

  • Location – downtown Charlottesville, VA area


  • Personality & Attitudes: laidback, fun-loving, adventurous/spontaneous, open-minded

  • Values: liberal, group activities, local community, diversity

  • Lifestyles: foodtruck aficionados, farmers-market goers, spends afternoons at the park/outside

User Personas


Jenna Chee (19)
College Student

  • English major at UVA

  • Collects tiny instruments
    (ukuleles, harmonicas, etc.)

  • Asian Student Union

  • “Kawaii!”


Sharmin Navarro (25)

  • Freelance content writer

  • Goes hiking on weekends

  • Hosts monthly chickapig
    games at Washington Park

  • “Sweet Lovin’”


Lisa Delgado (32)
Stay-at-Home Mom

  • Part-time yoga instructor

  • Crunchy mom

  • Runs a playgroup for Woollen Mills neighborhood families

  • “I love DIY!”


The website needs to enable the user to:

  • Find out if BobaFast delivers to their area

  • Order boba online

  • Create group ordering options (pay for your own/split orders – i.e. study groups / parents hanging out with kids on playdate)

  • Customize flavors / toppings / sweeteners

  • See order history and save it to their favorites (create a user account)

  • Access a functionally robust mobile site for busy students / freelancers / parents on the go

  • Find out more about boba (for the uninitiated)


The website needs to enable the client to:

  • To sell boba (and offerings) online to be delivered

  • Provide a system for order customization

  • Present a fun but straightforward ordering experience (aesthetics targeting demographic)

  • Communicate quirkiness but at the same time
    reliability (aesthetics targeting demographic)

  • Create loyalty system that rewards points for
    repeat customers to redeeming specials or freebies (boba might be a fun one-time treat, client fear)

  • Connect to the community to instill a “local” brand identity (reliability and relatability)

  • Communicate affordability

  • To explain what boba is to people who have never
    tried it before


Visual Mockups

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